Spot Feeding


The most conservative way to feed Mike’s Phyto is to spot feed every 2 days and to store the bottle in the refrigerator when not in use. Shake the bottle daily and before opening. This method is recommended for  feeding filter eating corals. (i.e. sea apples, feather dusters, clams, scallops, sponges, sea fans, etc).

Water Column Feeding


If spot feeding is inconvenient or impractical;

Add 1 mL per 5 gallons of water for Mike’s Phyto – Standard

Add 1 mL per 15 gallons of water for Mike’s Phyto – Premium

Feed every 2 days

Unlike dead/frozen products, it is very difficult to overfeed with live phytoplankton. Mike’s Phyto may turn the water column cloudy but this is temporary and resolves within a few minutes.

How much should I start with?

If you’re new to live phytoplankton, then the best advice we can give you is to start “low and slow”. Feed half of the amount recommended above and only 2 times in the first week. From that point forward, increase the frequency of feeding to 3 times a week. When frequency of feeding has been established (i.e. every 2 days) you may then begin to slowly increase the amount per feeding to recommended guidelines. It’s OK if you finish your bottle sooner than expected, …just remember, it’s very difficult to overfeed live phytoplankton and there is no damage done in cases of accidental over-feeding.

Storage Instructions
Always store Mike’s Phyto in the refrigerator and remember to shake daily.

Why store in the refrigerator?

When our phytoplankton is exposed to lower temperatures, metabolic rates begin to decrease and the organisms begin to consume less nutrients and reproduce at significantly reduced rates; similar to entering a hibernation state. This “stasis” not only keeps the product fresher for longer but also dramatically delays product spoiling.

What’s the shelf life?

With proper storage and care, your bottle of Mike’s Phyto can be kept fresh for up to 2 months. We do not recommend using the product beyond the 2 month “best if used by date”, although you may do so at your own risk