Baby Brine Shrimp
Baby Brine Shrimp

Baby Brine Shrimp

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Mike’s Phyto – LIVE Baby Brine Shrimp (artemia nauplii) make for a high value food source to small mouthed/picky fishes and corals.  Artemia Nauplii are most often used in larval fish rearing.

  • 100% live and viable
  • Up to 1000 nauplii
  • Makes up part of the “CUC”
  • Perfect for fish larvae
  • Great for picky eaters (i.e. mandarins, seahorses, wrasses, pipefish)
  • Come fully gut-loaded on Mike’s Phyto

Mike’s Phyto Baby Brine Shrimp originate from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  Brine shrimp are cysts which are already decapsulated and hatch while on route to you.  Baby brine shrimp swim in the water column prompting a very strong feeding response from predators.  They are a high caloric food and offer more meat per bite.

The real secret to their nutritional value however is the live phytoplankton they feed on from Mikes Phyto. Phytoplankton is the secret sauce because of it’s HIGH amino acid (including essential amino acids) proteins and lipid content and when you get this mix of nutrients into “vessels” that other animals can readily feed upon, you’re getting that super powered feed into your corals and fish through predation of rotifers, brine shrimp, copepods and other zooplankton that they otherwise can’t obtain directly from phytoplankton alone. The same is generally true of brine shrimp but with one extra factor. Baby brine shrimp are high in lipid value (aka fats) which is essential to fish larvae and other baby fish because they need more fat in their diets. As the brine shrimp reach adulthood, the nutritional profile changes from high lipid to high protein. Adult fish also need more protein in their diets for tissue maintenance, therefore feeding adult brine not only offers more meat per bite but also satisfies the need for higher protein value. Phytoplankton and zooplankton work together to bring the superior nutritional value of LIVE foods to all coral and fish kept in home aquaria. WANT BETTER fish and coral? GET LIVE feed gut loaded with Mikes Phyto.

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