LIVE Phytoplankton (Premium)
LIVE Phytoplankton (Premium)
LIVE Phytoplankton (Premium)

LIVE Phytoplankton (Premium)

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Our Premium signature cocktail is a dense concentration of our original mix, specially made to turbocharge coral growth while enhancing natural colors.  Mike's Phyto has carefully selected strains which create a mega boost in our nutritional profile.  What you get is a micro algae feed rich in...

  • Tissue building proteins
  • Color enhancing carbohydrates
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (i.e. DHA, EPA)
  • Essential amino acids
  • Vitamins, and minerals

Mike's Phyto is a 100% LIVE aquacultured phytoplankton feed specially crafted to feed several coral types, including clams, sponges, sea fans, feather dusters, worms, and zooplankton species like rotifers, copepods, brine shrimp and so many other species.  

We use a highly refined concentration process for use with our Premium signature blend.  The output is a live phytoplankton with a deep, dark rich green color.  In fact our Premium blend is so concentrated, it's intended for large or heavy coral stocked aquariums.  A 16 oz bottle of Mike's Phyto Premium will feed 7,125 gallons.

    Mike’s Phyto guarantees:

    • Blend of 5 nutritious strains
    • 100% live and sustainably aquacultured
    • 100% organic and unprocessed
    • Preservative free