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Live Rotifers

Live Rotifers

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Whether you’re a breeder of clowns, keeper of seahorses or a reefer with hungry corals, you can never go wrong with Mike’s Phyto Live Rotifers!

  • Easy to digest (89%-94% digestibility)
  • L-strain
  • Perfect for fish larvae, baby seahorses, and SPS coral
  • Perfect for small mouthed animals (50 um – 150 um rotifer size)
  • Can be refrigerated for later use
  • Use with Mike’s Phyto live phytoplankton and culture your own


Our L-strain live rotifers are sized perfectly for fish larvae, dwarf seahorses, and coral (especially SPS). Their slow movements make them a necessity as prey for newly hatched fish larvae. Rotifers are what they eat and our Live Rotifers arrive at your door nutrient packed because they’ve been raised on a strict diet of Mike’s Phyto live phytoplankton making these rotifers a balanced, high caloric mix of proteins, lipids and vitamins. Protein packed rotifers promote healthy growth and vibrant colors in anemones and are an easy, no-brainer choice for SPS corals due to their small polyps.
Live rotifers promote a more vibrant, healthier looking reef and add to the biodiversity that contribute to a stable ecosystem.

Grab a bottle of Mike’s Phyto live phytoplankton and start your own live rotifer culture!