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Reef Feast

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Reef Feast by Mike’s Phyto is 16 oz of LIVE zooplankton mix of 4 different species: rotifers, brine shrimp, tisbe and tigriopus pods, designed to promote a healthy system and active reef.

  • Adds biodiversity
  • Actively consumes detritus
  • Perfectly sized meaty morsels
  • Excellent for seeding sumps/refugiums
  • Encourages feeding response of picky eaters
  • Live feeds do not add to detritus laden waste


Rotifers are the unsung heroes of the marine food chain; ranging in size between 50 um – 150 um, they are a preferred choice for the small polyps of hard corals and the tiny openings of many filter feeders like sponges, barnacles, clams, oysters, etc.

Tisbe Biminiensis pods:

Tisbe pods are a benthic species (they inhabit the surfaces of rocks, sand and aquarium glass).  Their jerky swimming motions elicits a strong feeding response from predators including picky eaters like seahorses, pipefish and mandarin gobies.

Tigriopus Californicus pods:

Tigriopus pods are a pelagic species (free swimming, they inhabit the areas just above surfaces like rocks, sand and aquarium glass).  Like tisbe pods, their jerky swimming motions also elicits a strong feeding response.  Tigriopus pods are a little larger than tisbe pods and their bright red coloration make them easy targets to predators like mandarin gobies, seahorses and pipefish but also to fish like clownfish, tangs, and other gobies.

Brine Shrimp:

These interesting critters have few defense mechanisms, their primary role is that of live food.  As new hatchlings (aka nauplii), these small, weak swimmers are bright orange, making them easily captured prey.  Brine nauplii are high in fatty acid content, which makes them nutritional powerhouses.

Why Use Reef Feast?

The critters in Reef Feast have been raised on a strict diet of live phytoplankton, and because Mike’s Phyto is a combination of 5 different Omega-3 fatty acid producing strains, these important and powerful tissue building blocks of life are passed on directly to your critters.  You get power packed, nutritious and healthy “bugs” going to work in your system by eating detritus and keeping the ecosystem in your sandbed refreshed and active (a process known as bioturbation).

Feeding LIVE foods protects against the accumulation of detritus laden waste; a critical significant factor in the fight against nitrates.

How To Use

Be sure to temperature acclimate the bottle contents to your aquarium before using.  Pour Reef Feast in your refugium or sump. In systems without a sump, pour directly into your tank after lights out to avoid immediate predation.

Care & Storage

Reef Feast is a collection of different species and not all are equally tolerant of fluctuating water conditions.  Rotifers slowly begin to lose their nutritional value shortly after pulled from culture.  Brine shrimp do poorly when exposed to low oxygen levels after a couple of days; for these reason, we recommend you use the entire bottle after temp acclimation.  Reef Feast is shipped cold and can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 week.  A cold fridge will slow metabolic rates.  This means the bugs in Reef Feast will create less waste and need less food and oxygen for survival.   “Less oxygen” does not mean NO oxygen, you’ll still want to keep the cap open to allow gas exchange.  For maximum nutritional value, always enrich with Mike’s Phyto Standard

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