Tis’Be A Pod!
Tis’Be A Pod!

Tis’Be A Pod!

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Mike’s Phyto – Tis'Be A Pod! are LIVE copepods.  Pods are critical to the health and stability of your reef both as a C.U.C. and a power packed protein morsel for picky fishes and corals.

  • 100% live and viable
  • Part of the “CUC”
  • Great for picky eaters (i.e. mandarins, seahorses, wrasses, pipefish)
  • Sizes range from nauplii to adults
  • Come gut-loaded on Mike’s Phyto


    Tis’Be A Pod! (Tisbe Biminiensis) are a tropical, small and hardy benthic species of live copepods, stimulating natural hunting responses and making them an ideal food source for foraging fish like mandarin gobies, pipefish and seahorses, among others.  Corals can also take advantage of these meaty morsels. Their size make them ideal prey to SPS coral. Tis’Be A Pod! come gut loaded with Mike’s Phyto, making them an exceptionally high value food item.  Tisbe pods function as part of the “clean up crew” because they are known to consume detritus and other forms of nuisance algae. Copepods help add biodiversity to your reef and are an irreplaceable link in the food web.

    Why OUR copepods?

    Alright, we’re going to break it down and keep it simple. Here’s the truth… phytoplankton is really the secret sauce in the “nutritional recipe”. Pods are like people; they are what they eat. If they eat junk, they’ll in turn be junk food to larger predators. On the other hand, if they are fed a premium food like Mike’s Phyto, they’ll in turn be a high value nutritious food to larger predators.  Mike’s Phyto has been praised by many of our customers for it’s coral growing ability. When your tank critters can’t feed on Mike’s Phyto directly, use Tis’Be A Pod! and get results!